Sociopath Sales Pitch

With his back against the door, Mark looked down at his hands and took a much needed breath. “Not again, what the fuck.” Mark gasped, “Not again, not again, what the fuck is wrong with me?”

Mark was twenty-eight. Mark was self employed. Mark rarely slept. All of this factored into his growing problem. His lack of sleep was something he fought with for most of his life. Sleep deprivation had always been there, but the blackouts were new. For the past two years Mark had trouble remembering his nights. It started with him laying on his couch staring mindlessly into the television. He could cite most of the repetitive infomercials, but had no interest in the actual products. He enjoyed the sales pitch that came with the mindless garbage sold. He only hoped that he wouldn’t become one of those late night viewers that needed every item advertised. He wondered if every insomniac started out like him and eventually gave in to the cheap sales pitch.

Mark lived on his own. He didn’t have a social life, a girlfriend, not even a pet. He was a typical loner that lived a sheltered life. He had always been that way, but was never questioned. He was basically invisible, even to his family. In his eyes no one cared about him. No one ever asked him why he had bags under his eyes. There was never speculation about his lack of energy. No one cared, and truthfully he didn’t care either. He didn’t care because he couldn’t find the right emotion. Emotions were always hard for Mark to rationalize. The only feelings he had came through touch. It made sense.

The town he lived in was very suitable. It was safe, had great schools, wasn’t too over developed, and was family oriented. Mark didn’t have a family of his own, but he liked the fact that he lived in a town that was full of them. He enjoyed watching families, and most of the families in the area did not know he existed. He was used to being invisible, and now it helped him more than he knew. During his delusional states he could really apply that trait, and he did.

It was after midnight and Mark was walking around his apartment complex. He was tired of sitting on his couch and needed the fresh air. He had a set path he would walk. Usually it was out of his complex and into the adjoining neighborhood. The neighborhood was a decent size of about three miles. During his late nights he would walk the three miles. He rarely remembered getting home. He assumed the three mile walks were tiring enough to make him sleepy. They usually were, except for tonight. A mile into his walk he came to a stop in front of an old Victorian home. He knew the family that resided in the modest home, although he did not know their names, that was of no concern to him. He was interested in knowing other facts the family had to offer.

The backyard of the home was enclosed by a white vinyl fence. He walked over to the gate and it was unlocked. Since it was unlocked he figured he would take a peak. The backyard was also modest like the home. It had a jungle gym for the couple’s two children, a stainless steel grill atop a patio, and lawn chairs and table by the slider door to the home. Mark walked up the stairs to the patio and looked around. He ran his hand across the smooth texture of the grill. Walked to the table and chairs and sat down looking around in a curious manner. He walked around the rest of the patio and eventually stopped in front of the sliding glass door. His hand extended and grasped the handle. When he went to open the door it slid with ease. He entered the home, slowly closed the door and locked it. The door led to the kitchen of the home, and that too was modest. It looked like a kitchen Martha Stewart would tape a cooking show in. He walked to the island in the center of the kitchen and found a woodblock that held an assortment of knives. He ran his hand by every handle and stopped on one that fit his hand perfectly. He took the knife out, which was a butchers knife, and made his way toward the front of the home. Just as he thought, the staircase was in the front of the home adjacent to the front door. Mark ascended the stairs and made his way to the Master bedroom.

“For the low price of your life you can save your wife!” Mark screamed as he entered the Master bedroom. The couple awoke in shock. The Wife shoved her back against her headboard and her Husband got up in shock. “What, what, how did you get in here?” The Husband asked. “Why do you people always ask that question? How would you enter your home?” Mark questioned the Husband with the knife in his hand. “Get out of my home before I call the Police,” the Husband shouted. “I don’t think you’re in any position to make demands,” Mark replied, “Now get back on the fucking bed.” The look in Mark’s eyes sent a shiver down the Husband’s spine. The Wife still sat in shock as tears would roll down her cheek every so often.

“Now, let’s get this started, shall we? I’m going to be very clear right now, and I will not repeat myself. Anytime I have to repeat myself I will cut each of you. Do you understand?” Mark asked, but neither the Husband or Wife replied. Mark leaped forward and grabbed the Husband by the throat. “No! Stop!” The Wife screamed, and as she did Mark plunged the knife into the Husband’s stomach. “I said I will not repeat myself!” Mark screamed, “Now, do you understand me?” The Wife nodded her head and Mark released the Husband’s throat. Her Husband took a deep breath and let out a moan of intense pain. The Husband held his stomach while taking deep breaths. Mark turned his attention to the Wife. “Do you want your Husband to live?” He asked. She nodded yet again.”Then do exactly as I say. I want you to go to your children’s rooms and bring them in here.” She opened her mouth, but no words came out. Mark walked toward the Husband and she leaped out of bed and went for her kids. Mark was in control and he enjoyed it. He was getting the attention he deserved, and he was not invisible at the moment.

The Wife re-entered the bedroom with her two children. She was still crying and her children looked confused. The children still hadn’t noticed their Father, but at that time he was not making anymore sounds. Mark took care of that problem while the Wife left to collect her kids.

“I want you to go into your bathroom and fill the tub,” Mark said and the Wife did as she was told. Her children stood at the edge of the bed and stared at Mark not saying a word. They weren’t crying, begging, or even pleading. He was confused, but wasn’t worried. He knew the children were just confused as their parents initially were. After five minutes the Wife returned and stood by her children, holding each one with each arm. “Is the tub filled?” Mark asked. “Yes,” replied the Wife, “Now what?” she asked. “I did not say you could ask me any questions, now take your children into the bathroom and come back in here.”

When the Wife returned Mark asked her to get back into the bed. He tied her hands to the headboard and her feet to the end of the bed. She was secure and could not move. “Now don’t go anywhere,” Mark said, the sarcasm clearly displayed in his voice,”I want you to hear this.” Mark walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

She heard a click of the lock and strained her ears to hear everything else. She heard her one child scream and the sound of something hard hitting the tile floor. She then heard water splashing. She never had a lump as big as she did right now in her throat. She was hoping and praying the splashing wasn’t what she thought it was. Deep down she knew she was wrong. She knew what the monster was doing behind the closed door. He was drowning her children. She quietly called her husband’s name, but he didn’t respond. She now knew that her family was dead. This stranger came in and murdered her whole family. She wasn’t aware of what would come next. And she selfishly thought that was the worst part.

Mark stepped out of the bathroom drenched in water from his hands to his shoulders. He walked to the edge of the bed and sat down. The Wife was still tied and had her eyes clenched tight. Mark threw the blankets off of the bed on got on top of the Wife. He laid the knife down next to him and took off her underwear. She started to cry uncontrollably and he covered her mouth with his hand. The next few minutes were complete hell to her, but by the end she had already given up. She lost everything in such a short amount of time, including her dignity. Mark finished and pulled his pants back up. He grabbed the knife and raised it above his head. He bent down and whispered in her ear, “Your bathroom is a mess.” He stuck the knife clean through her chest and she gasped her last breath staring into Mark’s eyes. Mark got off of the Wife and made his way to the bedroom door. He took one last look around and exited the room, closing the door on his way out.


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