Synonyms in Marriage

“But you’re married now.”

“So there’s no sex, right?”

No, I told him.

Rubbing my chin, eyes

tied to the right.

“We do,” I said.


“When the time is right.”

The time strikes frequently.

And we have many names for it.

For sex.

Sometimes we call it a headache,

or a long day at work.

We’ve been known to need a nap,

and sometimes it’s constipation.

On special occasions it’s being sleepy, 

and on a Monday it is work in the morning.

And when we call it,

making love;

I think of a headache,

and the long day at work.

I look down, and feel


When I come, and want to leave,

I say,

I’m sleepy.

Hope Street
Passing by suburban street signs.

They have simple messages to follow,

which is quite nice when I think about it.

As opposed to my concrete jungle:

tow zone; no parking zone; drug free school zone…

yes zone, my city is zoned.

It’s a grid that has an agenda,

to separate by market value.

Homes side by side to show self-worth,

not different from suburban structures.

Pre-packaged balsa wood ready for new families,

as dad puts in the new mailbox,

with dollar sign next to the address.

Impeccable lawns; fresh paint; no furniture

yes empty, the houses are meaningless.

It’s a show for other homeowners.

Reality happens behind closed doors,

in cities and suburbs.

I’m just following the street signs,

maybe I can find one that is for the public,

symbols or words.

It doesn’t matter, just as long as it isn’t a facade,

or an endless journey; a mirage.


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