Blind Sea

Marked, said to be,
I’m losing you, slowly,
but surely.

Fallible, it seems.
Love lost, unforeseen.
Tell me, now,
not knowing differently.

Horizon line, in all is bent.
Hand imprint on sand.
Tears sent out to sea.
Captain this ship.
Its capsize was meant
to be.

Fire works,
as an opposing element.
Overhead, wind sweeps the air.
Pulling apart; distressed, the flare.

Beautiful is the night, at its darkest shade.
All is still, beckoning for a whisper.
Then the deck overflows with heat.
Bodies never felt are touched,
communication brought with it,
a raid.

One can only hope to keep dignity.
When people panic, you see their true colors.
The Captain rests with his ship.
The others, have others.

Do you remember drowning?


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