Left Knowing It Was Right

It’s been one week,
since I told you,
nothing of importance.
But one week,
since you told me,
at all.

How soon I forget,
what it’s like,
not to be,
at a person’s disposal.
How quickly I remember,
that remembering is,
a bother.

Easy folk enjoy easy listening.
A magnet that draws sound.
Vibrations of different magnitudes.
But visually, all the same:
On a large enough body; what proceeds:
A ripple on water’s edge.

Beauties and questions evoked.
Memories that hold vehemence.
Open ears that trickle red.
An eye for an eye.
A tooth for a tooth.
A tit for a tit.
Sour taste, before I spit.

After all that said,
so it goes:

She is left feeling discontent,
because her friend left her behind.
A friendship no longer pragmatic,
left her detached and unkind.
After one move against her,
inadvertently made her the bad guy.

Assimilated ignorance was transferred,
leaving her with raging eyes.
Now a maniac, but once shy.
It started the day she was betrayed,
and her friend left without goodbye.

Friendship turned into a frivolous demise.
She never thought of compromise.

She will always be left on her own will.
Only living each day with empty glare.
While she sits cynically by her window sill.
Reliving old days, and perfecting her stare.

It’s been one week,
since I told myself,
nothing of importance.
But one week,
since I’ve asked questions,
and have realized that,
in your twenties,
you are partial to saying ‘No.’

Implicit No, god-forbid a subtle yes.

You know yourself.
You want to know yourself.
You hope that you know yourself.

In the scheme of it all,
the dirty shopping mall,
the empty alleyways,
piss and trash,
looking down at laced shoes,
transcends society’s social boundaries.

Those little moments at the end of the day,
that make you smile,
are the reason you should not become frustrated.
It would be the same,
as letting a long car ride ruin a vacation.
Thinking short-termed has never led to outstanding goals,
only temporary satisfaction.

Life is short,
but it is long enough to learn how to pick battles.
There are far more important things to worry about,
than ill intent with loved ones,
or even strangers.

If someone steps on your shoes,
let it go.
Use that frustration to better yourself,
and when you can,
buy better shoes,
and walk a mile in them.


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