Stop and Yield

Everything became interchangeable.
Words of wisdom,
which weren’t welcoming,
were washed willingly.
Only now knowing
that the definition of a “wash”
is a sensitivity.
An appropriate metaphor
would have been a description
of an undertow; hands over feet,
because a cartwheel is superfluous

It’s interchangeable.
The fact that the
white whale can
signify the tepid tactic
of the once sought
suitable soul.

It’s tangible.
The decisiveness of another party.
A warm body to lay beside.
Another to lift the veil.
To speak love and hate
with full confidence.
Understanding that love and hate
is reachable.
Aloof to the fact that
you are
the love and hate.

It’s manageable.
Although, sucking
teeth has become customary,
the prospect of “sucking face”
still lingers.
It’s only until the lack of movement
with fingers…
It’s the lack of fucking.
But, it’s manageable?

It’s interchangeable.
It’s knowing that what was
sought after was temporary,
that a sealed kiss will
eventually lead to an
opened envelope.

Then after time has taken its course,
you will be inside of another,
and another will be inside of her,
but the difference isn’t the physicality.

It’s the emotion that kills you.


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