I Drink My Coffee Black

It must be this third cup
of coffee that has me on
edge. But not to confuse
anxiety for indigestion.
I’m sick to my fucking stomach.

Maybe you could be a little sweeter?

I said, maybe you could pass the sweetener.

I’m not one to stir the pot,
but I need something fresh.
This is stale, and the grinds
taste like pennies.
My spit is red.

The best part of waking up,
is having a pot to piss in,
to have a glass half full,
but who is the fool?

The fool is the man,
that runs out of coffee filters,
and uses toilet paper,

I drink my coffee black.
It’s an absolute.
Why mix cream?
When I don’t believe,
everything is so black,
and white.


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